Seven tips to create a marketing strategy

Marketing is not limited to a marketing department or specific people; it is all the communication associated with your business, And the principles are exactly the same as in human communication – people will comment on you based on your character, your actions, and your appearance.

When setting up a marketing strategy, the key is to start with the final goal and work backward. Your marketing goals should be accompanied by your business goals.

Do your research

Work with what you know. Look at what your potential customers are looking for and their communication. Analyzing web traffic is a good starting point for understanding the interests and behavior of your audience. According to the data available, look at the return on investment on your previous marketing efforts. Marketing can be expensive; It is, therefore, important to know what you are getting for your money. Not only cost per opportunity, but also the cost per lead is where your attention should be – some sales life cycles could be long and you will not see an immediate impact. Look at what has worked in the past and what has not done – in case you do not have the information, talk to your peers to find out what works and do your research online. Different things work for different companies, so be objective and choose those with which you feel most comfortable.

Define your unique value proposition

It is important that your audience understands what you are doing and how it relates to your needs and needs. In the competitive market, you need to differentiate yourself and make your business stand out. This is the buyer’s objective: what are the benefits, what terminology do they use and what would prevent them from seeking similar services elsewhere? Keep it simple. You only have their attention for a limited time in order to make the most of it.

Connect all communications to your products and services

Communication strategies are often focused exclusively on the interests of the prospect and lack the link to what they are trying to sell. Your audience naturally expects you to tell them how you can help them, provided you do it for the purpose. Focus on their problems and offer solutions, giving them options to learn more about your products and services.

Creating a marketing strategy

First, be clear about marketing your business. Demography is the key, but that does not mean you should exclude those who are not on your top list. People are advancing in their careers and it is often those who remember you from the old days who will ask you for help. Create your potential buyers and analyze how they behave – what are their main points of pain, how they communicate and what drives them. Once you know who your audience is, focus on why they should care about your business. Buying behaviors are driven by trust, so look at the success stories you can share and the results you can show. Once you have the attention, it is about building credibility.

Get Your Courier Right

The common language begins a conversation. By understanding the terminology and tone of your potential customers, you will be able to connect and create relationships. Make sure your audience can understand your message and use clear calls for action. This will eliminate any confusion and make it much more likely that your audience will respond. There is no universal call to action – think about specific communications and adjust it accordingly. Sometimes you will find that companies use all the right words, but lack the “then what” element. It is important that you not only communicate the message but also include how this affects the recipient.

Tell a story

The stories naturally create interest and turn out to sell. If you have successful project stories, use them. Even if you can not disclose the name of the client, focus on the scenario and results. This will help your audience learn about real life situations and it will stick for longer. You can turn stories into case studies and use them for media locations. If you can back up your story with real success data and comments, you are even more likely to attract interest.

A message does not fit all

The segmentation will take you further. With prospects, you should focus on their attention and keep it as long as possible, while for clients, you want to mature the relationship. There is a great advantage in knowing your customer and therefore tailoring your activities to their needs. In both cases, it is important to note that there is a person on the other side of the communication in order to keep it real and be reasonable.


Why because choosing Anchor text in websites

This is a fairly simple thing to explain, however, the anchor text is a controversial subject in SEO (search engine optimization). Call him a little.

The old lesson “Click here”

Until recently, if you typed the words “click here” on Google, one of the best results would be a result for Adobe Acrobat.


Because for 15-20 years people have posted the anchor text: “Click here to download Adobe Acrobat” on their websites and make this anchor text a link to

These websites ensured that if someone typed these two words into Google, they would still be displayed on in the best Google results.

Keep your horses

Before trying to make sure that the world connects to your website with your favorite keywords, I have to warn you of a few points.

The search engine algorithms are quite complex, as you can imagine. Several factors determine which results will appear for certain search queries.

It is true that anchor text always plays a role in search engine results. But, too much of the same anchor text can be a bad thing.

The Golden Rule in Search Engine Optimization: Do not Attempt To Force It

Sound referencing does not apply to tricks or hacks. And this is definitely not on the web spam.

I’ve been browsing this area for a while now, and those who try to “play” the system are usually penalized by search engines at some point. They work or pay for search engine ranking, and they have to work to cancel (or pay to cancel) the damage they caused to their own site.

It’s an unnecessary cycle. Because all you have to do is apply a good marketing strategy to your online business, and generally, your SEO will naturally improve over time.

How to improve your SEO naturally?

Let me make a simple list for you to follow:

• Have a good agency SEO or SEO architect your website properly. This will take care of your title tags and the internal link structure so that it is “optimized”. This is a good practice, and every website owner should do it.

• It can help to have a blog on your site (not on a subdomain or another domain – the same domain). For example You can use your blog to create useful content for your audience. This content will eventually be linked and this will help improve the SEO of your site.

• Promote your blog and content. Face it with the type of people who would bind. Always promote your content.

• Create your social media profiles and visit your site. Submit your business to relevant and reputable business directories.

• Contribute to the written content of the industry publications and to your name!

• Have a serious PR strategy. Nothing boosts a website like popularity. Become the actual deal in your niche. What you should do anyway … is not it?

• Give it time. Because all good things take time. Are these “Growth Pirates”?

What about adding links with Anchor Text throughout my site?

You can do it. But again, do it naturally. When it makes sense to link to another website on your site, you can take the anchor text that makes the most sense and makes a link. This would be a “normal” practice.

But if you start acting aggressively and you start to “force” it, you should probably withdraw.

How to Create a Free Blog on the Blog-spot Blogging Platform

Having a blog is a good thing because you can share whatever you want (… and if you are wise, you can also earn a decent income from your blog).

I have written on many blogging platforms that you can use to create a blog for yourself. I usually suggest creating a blog using your own domain and hosting and creating your blog via WordPress (.org).

We’ve talked a lot about self-hosted blogs from WordPress in previous releases, and there’s no doubt that it has a better platform for blogging compared to free blogging platforms such as and

However, many beginners who wish to start blogging do not want to make an initial investment of funds to create a blog. That is quite reasonable.

There are many blogging platforms that offer users the ability to create free blogs. If you are looking for a simple free blog, my suggestion would be to start blogging with or

Once you have some blogging experience, you can progress and become more professional with a self-hosted WordPress blog.

BlogSpot allows you to create a free blog, but it has limitations.

However, as I mentioned above, for a beginner, this is a great way to learn how to create a blog and start the blogging process.

This publication is devoted to “beginners” who are new to blogs and want to start by learning the basics of the process.

Before you start the complete tutorial, you need a few things you need to know:

• First, BlogSpot is a Google-powered blog platform. It gives you the opportunity to start a blog, but all your images will be hosted by Picasa (also part of Google). BlogSpot, in this sense, is a blogging platform centered on Google.

• Secondly, if the goal of your blog is to earn money and have a professional blog, I recommend you create your blog using WordPress. It’s easy, and with the help of our exclusive WordPress free guide, you can create your blog in the next 60 minutes.

Step by step guide to creating a free blog on BlogSpot:

To create your free blog BlogSpot, go to and sign in with your Google Account. If you do not have a Google Account (Gmail), you can create it for free.

For a first time user, you will see an option to use the identity from your Google Plus profile, or you can use your BlogSpot profile limited. I recommend using your Google Plus profile.

Once you are logged in, click on “new blog” or click on this link to access it directly: create a free blog

Name your blog:

The first thing you need to do is add a name and select your domain. I suggest you read “How to select a domain name” for more information.

Avoid using your personal name as a domain name and instead use a generic domain name that you can mark later with a custom domain.

You can then select a blog template (you can change it at any time) and click “Create Blog”.

Now your blog is created, but you are not finished yet!

There are a few settings you need to configure on your newly created BlogSpot blog for ease of use.

You are now on the BlogSpot dashboard where you will see the backend of your blog. From there, you can go to “Settings” and make changes to improve the visibility of your blog.

Here’s a screenshot of what you should see:

From there, you can click on “Messages”> “New Publication” and start writing your first blog!

But before writing your first post, I would recommend going to “Pages” and creating at least one “About” page that describes who you are and what your blog is.

• You can read my article about why you need an “About” page for your blog.

More importantly, you should change your blog template because the default is generic and annoying (in my opinion).

Here I have compiled a list of free BlogSpot templates that you can download and install on your blog. Alternatively, you can go to “Settings”> “Template” and change the template from there.

On this page, you can also add a logo to the header of your BlogSpot blog, and add or remove various other features.

Once you have a few blog posts working, you can go to “Settings”> “Earnings” and activate AdSense for your blog. This will allow you to make money from your free blog

Read my previous guide on how to sign up for an Ad Sense account.

So your blog is almost ready and you can start writing articles. There are only a few other things I suggest you do.

Video tutorial to create a free blog BlogSpot:

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Note: This publication is intended for all readers who do not have a blog yet and are looking for a simple way to create a free blog.

I started my blogging trip with BlogSpot, and then advanced to WordPress. If you want to take the most professional path from the start, you can always refer to my WordPress startup guide.

Read also: BlogSpot SEO Tips

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Facebook test allowing you to view related articles before you really open any link

Facebook is the social media platform most used by millions of users globally. This platform is essentially a predominant place, where digital marketing specialists promote their products and services. By using this platform, one can effectively reach their target number of customers and promote their products and services. The leading SEO consulting companies in India and abroad consider Facebook as an integral part of digital marketing. This is because Facebook is the most popular social media platform. A topic that is beginning to emerge in Facebook is becoming the first speech of people all over the world. The best part of this platform is that it interconnects people sitting at an entirely different geographical location.

From the time that Facebook was introduced, various features added to Facebook that made using Facebook more user-friendly. One of the latest features of Facebook is its latest widget of related articles. Now, Facebook shows the widget of linked articles before opening and reading an article. The articles that Facebook shows you are based on your interest or the latest research.

With this new feature, Facebook wants you to think that if a title is true by showing several other articles in the related topic. This feature has made it important for writers to focus heavily on their article titles as this will play a critical role in attracting readers’ attention. This last feature of Facebook is not meant to harm the visibility of publishers in the news but actually aims to give people different perspectives and information, including third party fact verifiers.

Facebook originally launched the related article feature in 2013 to disseminate more interesting and useful links on a certain topic you just read. But, due to strong criticism for proliferating false news in 2016, during the US presidential elections, Facebook began working with third-party verifiers to add warnings to the contested items.

Later, Mark Zuckerberg elaborated in his humanitarian manifesto that one of the best ways to fight the problems was to broaden the views of people. The best way to do this is to introduce a range of perspectives that naturally expand the thinking process.

There are many publishers who might not be excited about their related article feature of Facebook and potentially fear that their competitors misappropriate their readers because of this related article feature. But according to Facebook, it is clearly stated that the new feature related article is just a test and therefore it will not necessarily be deployed at all unless it proves useful. Additionally, there will be no advertising broadcast in the new Facebook-related article feature.

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Word press adds more advanced SEO tools to its collections

Content is very important for SEO and I always thought that the key to a successful SEO is the ability of the individual to create, guide and distribute content. On the other hand, WordPress is one of the best blogs to use for SEO because it integrates SEO tools into its internal text editor and it is easily adaptable to the needs of people no matter what they may be. Continue reading