Blog ideas for startup website: especially digital marketing persons

Finding new ideas for blog articles is not always easy. I’m sure we all go through an occasional rise, “on what should I publish?” The block of the author happens, and it goes. To help you, I’ve compiled a list of blog ideas for all major holidays/season. Or, maybe, you have a lot of publishing ideas, but they do not seem to resonate with other people.

The guide is not an ordinary list of things on which you could have a blog. I conducted a keyword research for the main things related to specific seasons/holidays. The 20-page idea book is full of ideas. People are actually Googling. This will help you to grow your blog because you are writing articles that people are interested in reading. They look for answers/ideas on these topics.

I’ll assume (I know, it’s risky) that you want people to read your blog. By being the answer to Google’s search or Google’s Pinterest, you can guarantee that people will be interested in your publication on the blog.

I have compiled the trend search terms for each of the following major holidays/seasons:

New Year

Valentine’s day

Saint Patrick







In each section, you will see a list of keywords. I found these keywords using Google’s Google search, Google’s keyword tool, and Pinterest’s search guides. The sentences on this list are not meant to be the title of your publication, simply a springboard to circulate your creative juices.

Who is the guide?

The Blog Idea Guide is geared towards the following niches:

• Bloggers of do-it-yourself

• Artisan Bloggers

• Food Bloggers

• Lifestyle Bloggers

• Family Bloggers

Ideas are perfect for novice bloggers trying to create content or established bloggers looking for new ideas to incorporate into their blog.

Get my Blog Post Ideas Guide and start writing blog articles that people are looking for.

You will also get the series of emails Blog Post Ideas. The first email will be your guide and how to use it. The next day I will hit your inbox with my safe path to find blog posts that generate search traffic.

The third day I will show you how to perform your own keyword research for blog ideas (this is how I got all the terms of this year’s guide). It is much easier than it seems.

I hope that the guide and the series of emails will help you to create articles on the blog that increase your traffic and create an enthusiastic audience.