Word press adds more advanced SEO tools to its collections

Content is very important for SEO and I always thought that the key to a successful SEO is the ability of the individual to create, guide and distribute content. On the other hand, WordPress is one of the best blogs to use for SEO because it integrates SEO tools into its internal text editor and it is easily adaptable to the needs of people no matter what they may be.

Obviously having SEO tools in hand allows you to create and promote content much easier because WordPress allows you to please Google and the other search engines that matter. So, how do you do something even better? It’s really simple: you add more advanced SEO tools – and that’s exactly what WordPress did earlier this month.

The thing about WordPress is that if the free subscription plan is enough for a beginner, its Business Plan is a full-blown titan. The premium service is distinguished by its ease of use while allowing its user to create and optimize content (posts and pages) for organic search traffic.

Here are some of the changes that WordPress has recently incorporated:

Titles and descriptions Customize them throughout the day

You may have heard the saying “Do not judge a book by its cover” and this may be true for some things, but it is definitely what is questionable in SEO. The thing about titles and descriptions is that they are the “face” of your content and will be the first thing people will notice about your link outside of the featured image that is equally important to the set Of the process.

If you have a very well written article that has a trivial title and an uninteresting description, it’s likely that the guy who gets it wrong, something less satisfying, but more eye-catching, may have more views than you. It’s a horrible thought to deal with, but fortunately, WordPress now allows you to customize your pages, your publications and what you have to display these variations:

Title only – Obviously, only the title will be displayed. This is recommended for blogs that promote minimalism, but it should be run in such a way as to make your article or content interesting.

Site title and name: With these settings, WordPress allows you to display both the title of your content as well as the name of your site. This is recommended for people or SEO specialists who are a bit more advanced than beginners in SEO, but this is also good for beginners who want to be taken seriously.

The title, Tagline, and Site Name or “Whole Shebang” – This is a combination of the first two options as well as the additional feature of displaying the slogan with the title and site name. This is a longer option, but this is good for companies or highly technical blogs that promise formal content.

Of course, these are all correct choices for your blog or website, because, at the end of the day, it is your sense of aestheticism that controls; The nice part about this is that WordPress allows the modern SEO specialist to be able to choose between the three options.

In addition, it should be noted that these changes will be definitely reflected or displayed in the tab of your favorite browser and even in the extract of the search result.

Recheck? Check. Before publishing now

People are imperfect creatures, so it is obvious that we sometimes make mistakes, but this is not necessarily a good thing in SEO. The thing about the content is that they have to be well written. Articles should also go through an extended edition period where any grammatical error or what you have eliminated and the article is basically optimized to be the best it can be.

WordPress now allows its users to preview their titles and their meta tags before publishing them so that everyone can see them. All can now be previewed; From the way the page looks at your website or social networks, all your content can now be reviewed in real time for your convenience, as well as for your readers.

As I said earlier, the title and meta-tag are the faces of your content or your website, only for your featured image. Here are some of the platforms you can preview on how your publication will be used before publishing!

WordPress Reader ‘

Extract from the search engine

Overview of Facebook and Twitter

All these features are now available on the premium business account of WordPress and I am personally

Excited to give these new tools a try.