Facebook test allowing you to view related articles before you really open any link

Facebook is the social media platform most used by millions of users globally. This platform is essentially a predominant place, where digital marketing specialists promote their products and services. By using this platform, one can effectively reach their target number of customers and promote their products and services. The leading SEO consulting companies in India and abroad consider Facebook as an integral part of digital marketing. This is because Facebook is the most popular social media platform. A topic that is beginning to emerge in Facebook is becoming the first speech of people all over the world. The best part of this platform is that it interconnects people sitting at an entirely different geographical location.

From the time that Facebook was introduced, various features added to Facebook that made using Facebook more user-friendly. One of the latest features of Facebook is its latest widget of related articles. Now, Facebook shows the widget of linked articles before opening and reading an article. The articles that Facebook shows you are based on your interest or the latest research.

With this new feature, Facebook wants you to think that if a title is true by showing several other articles in the related topic. This feature has made it important for writers to focus heavily on their article titles as this will play a critical role in attracting readers’ attention. This last feature of Facebook is not meant to harm the visibility of publishers in the news but actually aims to give people different perspectives and information, including third party fact verifiers.

Facebook originally launched the related article feature in 2013 to disseminate more interesting and useful links on a certain topic you just read. But, due to strong criticism for proliferating false news in 2016, during the US presidential elections, Facebook began working with third-party verifiers to add warnings to the contested items.

Later, Mark Zuckerberg elaborated in his humanitarian manifesto that one of the best ways to fight the problems was to broaden the views of people. The best way to do this is to introduce a range of perspectives that naturally expand the thinking process.

There are many publishers who might not be excited about their related article feature of Facebook and potentially fear that their competitors misappropriate their readers because of this related article feature. But according to Facebook, it is clearly stated that the new feature related article is just a test and therefore it will not necessarily be deployed at all unless it proves useful. Additionally, there will be no advertising broadcast in the new Facebook-related article feature.