Why because choosing Anchor text in websites

This is a fairly simple thing to explain, however, the anchor text is a controversial subject in SEO (search engine optimization). Call him a little.

The old lesson “Click here”

Until recently, if you typed the words “click here” on Google, one of the best results would be a result for Adobe Acrobat.


Because for 15-20 years people have posted the anchor text: “Click here to download Adobe Acrobat” on their websites and make this anchor text a link to Adobe.com.

These websites ensured that if someone typed these two words into Google, they would still be displayed on Adobe.com in the best Google results.

Keep your horses

Before trying to make sure that the world connects to your website with your favorite keywords, I have to warn you of a few points.

The search engine algorithms are quite complex, as you can imagine. Several factors determine which results will appear for certain search queries.

It is true that anchor text always plays a role in search engine results. But, too much of the same anchor text can be a bad thing.

The Golden Rule in Search Engine Optimization: Do not Attempt To Force It

Sound referencing does not apply to tricks or hacks. And this is definitely not on the web spam.

I’ve been browsing this area for a while now, and those who try to “play” the system are usually penalized by search engines at some point. They work or pay for search engine ranking, and they have to work to cancel (or pay to cancel) the damage they caused to their own site.

It’s an unnecessary cycle. Because all you have to do is apply a good marketing strategy to your online business, and generally, your SEO will naturally improve over time.

How to improve your SEO naturally?

Let me make a simple list for you to follow:

• Have a good agency SEO or SEO architect your website properly. This will take care of your title tags and the internal link structure so that it is “optimized”. This is a good practice, and every website owner should do it.

• It can help to have a blog on your site (not on a subdomain or another domain – the same domain). For example mywebsite.com/blog. You can use your blog to create useful content for your audience. This content will eventually be linked and this will help improve the SEO of your site.

• Promote your blog and content. Face it with the type of people who would bind. Always promote your content.

• Create your social media profiles and visit your site. Submit your business to relevant and reputable business directories.

• Contribute to the written content of the industry publications and to your name!

• Have a serious PR strategy. Nothing boosts a website like popularity. Become the actual deal in your niche. What you should do anyway … is not it?

• Give it time. Because all good things take time. Are these “Growth Pirates”?

What about adding links with Anchor Text throughout my site?

You can do it. But again, do it naturally. When it makes sense to link to another website on your site, you can take the anchor text that makes the most sense and makes a link. This would be a “normal” practice.

But if you start acting aggressively and you start to “force” it, you should probably withdraw.